The BruserFactory

Normal  Is Relative

Consciousness. Awareness that we exist. The supreme luxury of first person perspective. Gone when we die. What is responsible for achieving consciousness must reside in the brain. 

It is my contention that consciousness arises incidentally as the consequence of a certain quantitative spacial configuration of mental neurons. In the future they will be able to replicate this consciousness by transposing the configuration of mental neurons to the relative and analogous configuration of computer code.  Your first person perspective could be maintained indefinitely.

Therefore my intent for this site is to represent as much of me as possible so that ultimately my consciousness will be preserved indefinitely.

Oh. I'm never going to say something you expect me to say. If I did, there would be no use talking.


This is a site like you've never seen.

Wait. That sounds awkward.

You've never seen a site like this. There. Better.