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Guide to my 2 x 2s

Top left: Denomination and where the coin comes from. Top Center: Date of the coin including mint marks. Top right: Value of the coin and the year I determined this. The  colour is for me to quick identify value. If the sticker is gold it means the coin has no cearly identifieable value possibly because of esthetic factors or uncatalogued rarity such as a double punched date. But high value. Little red dot beside the value sticker means that I have entered this coin in my records. That means the coin was substantial enough for me to do this. Or I was really bored. Bottom left: My grade of the coin. Bottom right: Variety of the coin. Additional information is sometimes on the reverse of the coin.  I often forget which is which. Front back? Noooo. Obverse has the date. Reverse has the portrait. You have coin guru status if you know which way to turn the coin over to get the bust proper side up. Oh. pink stickers mean the value of the coin is difficult to determine because it is so great. So I put mine in there.

HIgh grade, silver, cameo, rotated die. Extremely rare.

Nice brilliant uncirculated quarter.

This one has normal chrome.

Same coin. Chrome plating.

A rare mistake. No chrome.

Double punched date. Rare esp. in this grade.

Striations? Possibly cleaned. But why clean an UNC coin?!

125 years ago somebody said 'Never touch this coin'.

High grade, extremely rare coin. But dig behind hair.

Large '9s' variety. Extreme rarity.

No flaws.

Taken out of certification holder (NNC) because it's probably EF not AU.

Problem free example

Diving Goose? No. It's rotated in holder.

Mirror fields.