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I will post a couple more pictures. I also have pictures of my Master's degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from Cleveland State University and my BSc. from the University of Toronto.

I am a registered, certified Audiologist with over 25 years of experience and I own a hearing practice, covering a large catchment area in Northern Ontario. Please visit our Facebook page (Phoenix Audiology) or our website page at

This is the only serious part of my website.  In this time of restricted social and health care access I have to consider alternate service delivery models. There is no reason why this can't work.  I'll throw everything I can at you to obtain and maintain your trust. Then you will come to appreciate the fact that you have fallen into something good.

I currently have thousands of satisfied patients in Northern Ontario.  Please join us on Facebook and see what others are saying about us.

There are a few reasons why you should trust me and try this.

1. There is a return policy. You are covered without having to fight. This is the law but also, well, you'll see. We are very accommodating.

2. You will probably pay less but experience a higher level of satisfaction than you would at your local clinic.

3. I utilize one of the top five manufacturers.  Bernafon.  Please Google their product quality.  It is important you utilize one of the higher manufacturers. It should not cost you more to do so.  If you don't, you are more likely to require repairs and if you travel to a town where they do not recognize your manufacturer than you may be in trouble if you require repairs or computer adjustments to your hearing aid. Often people move up from Toronto with a manufacturer not in the top 20. The southern clinic has clearly maximized their dollar. One of my favourite things I like to do with a recently moved patient is to recognize aids which I can reprogram and then apply two minutes of my experience to adjustments and then see the patient's expression after they try the hearing aids again. Their eyes go wide and they say 'Wow. I've never heard like this and I paid a fortune for these aids'.

------work in progress. 27/3/21. Or call 1-705-805-9630 for more information. Go ahead. I've been told that speaking to my secretary is like being asked to a party.

You have to ask me a question for me to provide answer.