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To put a set on your wall like I have would cost about $500.00. It's involved. If you would be interested in just the pieces or pieces and a board, let me know and we can determine a price.  I do take requests.  Consider different types of wood. Not the design. Unless you are a sculpter and would carve knights for me.  That'd be cool. Upcoming sets will include: Purpleheart, Tiger Caspi, Tiger Stripe, Bloodwood, Holly, Redheart, Redwood Burl, Amboyna Burl, Padauk, Figured Narra, Wendge, Various Ebonies and a few I forget which I started last summer.  Long winter here. Northern Ontario. I don't have access to my workshop for about seven months of the year.

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Let me know if you would like me to make a set for you. Price is determined by type of wood and how I feel the set turns out.  That is, it would be less than estimate. Not more if I happen to like the set.  I'm a perfectionist (OCD? Potato/potato). I would be in contact with you through the process. Feel free to ask questions about what is available. The pieces are weighted.  And can have strong magnets which would allow options such as mounting a set on your fridge.

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