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Golf Tips

1. Never buy a putter until you've had a chance to throw it.

2. See yourself realistically. Take a video. You can delete it after.

3. You need a better swing. But you are limited to reality except when you watch PGA for tips.  Your backswing is too fast and your timing is off. My best tip: Slow Back, Follow Through. I have that written on my towel.

4. I'm going to reiterate number three with a few examples.  Where does your club shaft end up at the end of your swing? Is the head pointing at the ground?  Or did you come around fully, having it bang the back of your neck.  Pick B.

5. You're big. But your timing sucks.  Take your biggest swing with your driver.  In your brand new fuzzy woollen socks and no shoes In your highschool gymnasium. After the janitors buff it. Take your biggest swing and don't end up on your ass.