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I find coins interesting.  They are art.  They are history. They are a good financial investment. Rarity and why coins are rare intrigues me. Mint errors are fun. It means you could conceivably find a very valuable coin in your pocket.


This happened to me when I was 10. My mother was the manager of the local curling club and handled a lot of loose change at the bar.  I was collecting for a bicycle. And I collected coins.  In 1973 they made a quarter with a mountie on it.  There was a variety made at the mint. Rare in proportion to the majority of the quarters. I saved every 1973 quarter. They were new at that time and errors or varieties were not known. I found one. I noticed the queen on some was larger than on most. I thought nothing of it. They occurred in the incidence of about four out of a hundred. I did not differentiate them. I saved them all. I was saving for a ten speed bike.  I bought it eventually.  With ALL my quarters.  Yes.  Even those. I said you could have something valuable in your pocket. But you have to know what you're looking for. Oh. Those now rare quarters are worth about a thousand dollars each if uncirculated. It was a nice bike.


Here's another example. In 1921 coins were made of silver. People came to tour the mint in that year and received presentation sets when they left.  Then the country needed the silver back which was already made into coins. So they returned all the remaining coins into the melting pot leaving the coins given out as the only ones made in that year.  Instead of millions of each denomination, there remained under a thousand of each. An uncirculated 1921 fifty cent piece is now worth about $750,000.00.  I put an ad in a newspaper in 1990 that said "I will give you $5000.00 for a 1921 nickel sight unseen." It would be worth about $10,000.00 at its lowest grade. I got a few calls. One from my buddy pretending he had one and wanted to sell it to me.  Bugger. Got me good.  Still kids me about it. Shout out to Dawson!