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Normal  Is Relative

I  have issues. Obviously. I have issues with opening things. I know I am impatient. But I think if I'm just given a fair chance, I should be able to open things or use a package's contents more easily. For example, don't assume I have finger nails to open things!  I don't know. You be the judge. I'll provide item number, my assessment of manufacturer fail quotent, and third column please submit your assessment of if it's more on me or the manufacturer. Send through the contact me page. 

#1 Blister packs with anything in them. Like the Canadian Tire item I once saw with blister pack opening scissors in it. Packed in a blister pack! Ultimate fail. 1/10/?

#2 Shredded cheese (or anything like cat treats) in 'resealable' packages. First, you can't open this with a scissors because that leaves perfectly equal edge that you can't separate to pull apart. You have to rip it open with your fingers so that it rips unevenly allowing you to grab one of the edges to hold onto. What I do is just take scissors and cut beneath the reseal line so it stays permanenetly open. Then I put that bag in a large ziplock back and that into the fridge.  Yes.  I know.  2/7/?

#3 Contact solution bottles.  There is a 'neck' of a serated section where you're supposed to peel that down and then rip the rest of the collar off. But I have contacts!  I can't see the neck.  I try to feel for it.  Nope. Then I try to take a little scissors or knife and poke it under the plastic neck until it opens enough to allow me to get the liquid out. And I'm OCD. So I keep hacking at the neck until it is completely off the bottle. Satisfying when it peels away.  Frustrating until it does. 3/7/?

#4 Cases of twelve pop cans. Good glue holding this box shut. I know. It has to be strong so that it holds the heavy cans inside. But easy to get into? I don't have fingernails to dig under the non identified arbitrary edge to get inside. Best approach? There is a slit on one side to allow you to carry the box. After I position the box where it will permanently reside, I put four fingers into that slot and pull. 4/6.5/?

#5 Dear Gorilla Glue. I hate you.  I love your glue. But how about use some of that research and design money towards actually using the glue?  Pop up nozzle? Don't be ridiculous. After you use that one time the glue collects and hardens in the nozzle making you have to dig it out before every use or take the top off and use a paint brush to apply the glue. Or I dump the whole thing into another container that has a wide mouth and then use a paint brush to access and apply the glue. 5/9/?