The BruserFactory

Normal  Is Relative

I sell hearing aids. They are expensive.  Enjoy an ATV? Take off your helmet. Or a sweater after you heat up. You're hearing aid flies off your ear without your knowing and Bam, you're out $1500.00. Or more if you didn't buy it from me.

Here's a thought. If they can insert a GPS chip in my kitty, how about they put one in each hearing aid?  I've been asking for this for years. Apparently I'm five years ahead of my time cause there's nothing yet and I've been whining for five years.

Here's another thought.  This is currently simple technology (2021). How about make and sell me a strip of ten?  I'd put one in my car. Ok, one in my cat (instead of the surgery, I'd just put it into his collar). Actually, I've done this. Damn hiding cat on a big property with coyotes and things. I send it a text message and it sends back its geo coordinates which slip into google maps which shows me under which tree she's hiding. Ha. Ok, one taped to the back of each of the television remote controls.  Uhm, oh how about one in my highschool kid's backpack? One in my kid's wallet who has moved off to further her education but has absolutely no sense of direction. Got you covered babe.  You're at the corner of King and Madison.  Turn left two blocks up.  One of course in my wallet.  One on my car key chain.  Maybe even one on my grocery cart. I've lost that thing so many times it's not funny.  When it gets full I park it somewhere and walk around for items. Can I help you sir? No, I'm just looking for my ... nevermind.  Thank God I have one in my car cause a couple times I've been this close to just stop looking and buying a new one.